I Have 6 Months To Get Better At Poker Because The WSOP Is Officially Starting Again In May With Another Main Event In July 2022



We did 2 cool episodes of Cracking Aces this week. On first one on Tuesday Jake talked us through his 67th place Main Event run, going over key hands from each day. It was a very cool look into the mind of a top tier poker player, as he recalled the key hands that he won and lost during the 6 day grind that earned him a cool $95k.



And then on today's episode, we recapped the Main Event, including our thoughts on Norman Chad's non-stop complaining, George Holmes' incredible heads up match, and we were joined by the superstar Jeff Platt himself for some inside look at the biggest stories of the series including the infamous Dirty Diaper



A funny (and sad) nugget about what happened after the man played a hand blind on TV and went runner-runner flush


and his thoughts on some jabroni who dusted off his entire stack with 43ss.


And one piece of breaking news- the WSOP starts again in 6 months!



It's moving to the Strip, which is very cool. And it also means I have 6 months to get better at poker. I have talked to a few top pros about getting coaching and will absolutely be taking them up on that. What sucks is I think I played decently well for the majority of the 10 hour day, but I imploded in that one spot. Doesn't matter if you're leading a game 8-0 if your closer gives up 9 runs in the 9th, and that's more or less what I did. So I have 6 months to learn how not be an idiot, let's fucking ride.

Thanks to everyone who checks out the podcast, gets some merch, and follows along on Twitter and IG. It's a fun project the boys have been doing- me, Smitty, Jake, and Mintzy and we've loved the support. Onwards and upwards and 43ss forever.