Arian Foster Says Michael Jordan Couldn't Tackle Him

We spent three and a half hours discussing everything about China with The Wonton Don on this week's Macrodosing, but the most contentious topic of the show came during one of our patented tangents in which Arian and Coley vehemently disagreed as to Michael Jordan's ability to tackle Arian. That clip is obviously short, but they went on for several minutes about this.

This actually seems like a pretty good hypothetical to me. Arian pointed out he woke up every day and trained very specifically to run with a football while Coley contends MJ is athletic and determined enough to tackle him if he really wanted to. Obviously Arian's logic is sound, but I don't find Coley's argument to be egregious, either.

Like anything, I think this comes down to what situation we're talking about, exactly. If you lined Jordan up three yards away from Arian in an Oklahoma drill and gave him 10 tries, sure, he's gonna get him to the ground at least once. However, if you lined MJ up at outside linebacker and gave Arian 10 rushes off tackle, I'm not sure he does ever get brought down. Running backs make actual NFL linebackers miss tackles like that all the time.

If I had to pick a side, Jordan isn't bringing Arian down in an open-field situation. That's one of a few things he and I will agree on.

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