Dave Wants To Play The WSOP Main Event. He Says He Is Going To Win.



Let's do it Davey!!!!! Let's do it!!!!

As you might recall, I made a bet with Dave to bring back the Cracking Aces podcast. We discuss the bet on this week's episode that you can hear above. But part of the bet was Dave himself has to come to Vegas and be on my rail as I play the Main Event in the spider monkey mask. Pretty fair bet, imo. So today I went into his office to finalize the plans, and he told me he himself was considering playing...and was confident he would win too! 

Dave playing the WSOP Main would be great for poker. It needs someone like Dave to promote the good game and put eyeballs on it again. Let's be honest here- if my coverage was huge when I was crushing the Main a few years ago, 



imagine the coverage if Dave played??? They have already promised him the featured table



And that loser Norman Chad will be pleading Uncle by dinner break. 

All we gotta do is get him there. I think the entire poker community would love it, I'd love it, and Dave has never seen a camera he didn't love. Everyone tweet at him and tell him to play. He's been thinking about it since 2013!



Davey Vegas. Davey Poker. Davey Ivey. Let's shuffle up and deal.




PS: Real OG OG OGs know Dave has been ducking playing me heads up for the last 6 years.