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Booger McFarland Explains What Needs To Be Fixed in Order To Get the Kansas City Chiefs Back on Track

On today's Pardon My Take... BOOGER MCFARLAND! The ESPN football analyst joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter once again on the show today to discuss all the big topics in both the NFL and College Football. Which quarterback aside from the best of the best is having the best season? Are the Bears handling their QB situation the right way? Is this the end of the road for Coach O at LSU? 

Those were just some of the topics the guys touched on during this great interview. Another interesting topic involved the issues going on with the Kansas City Chiefs. After reaching back-to-back Super Bowls, the defending AFC Champions are just 2-3 right now, and something doesn't look right. Booger explains what needs to be fixed:

Mr. Cat: The big story coming out of Week 5 in terms of teams here, are the Kansas City Chiefs broken and what's your level of concern on how bad they are on defense? And can they put this back together?

Booger McFarland: Are they broken? Yes, they're broken right now. Is it fixable? Yes. Is it going to take a while? Absolutely. So let's kind of break that down a little bit. I think the quarterback's not playing well and we can make excuses for the reasons why. But the bottom line is, you know, he's a half a billion dollar quarterback who's not taking care of the football. He's already thrown as many interceptions this year as he did all of last year. So I think he's got to take care and value the ball a little bit better. I think he's become a little bit enamored with some of the magical things that we've seen him do, i.e. the no look passes, leaving the pocket throwing off of one foot.

Booger McFarland: Sometimes, the simplest thing to do is just to look at the guy and throw it to him. And I think Patrick Mahomes, and he'll tell you himself, he's fallen victim to the "da nuh nuh, da nuh duh" (SportsCenter tune), that type of play. And so, he's got to get back to just playing good, solid football. Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, those guys are two of the best at their position, I think they'll be fine. They put a lot of money in this offensive line, the offensive line will be really, really cool. I think they'll be fine. Their defense is absolutely poo-poo.

I can see it right now. This is where the Chiefs return to form just as everyone is starting to bring out the panic button on them. Patrick Mahomes will have a 400-yard, 5+ touchdown game in him soon, their defense will add a pick six and cause four turnovers. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone will be like, "Remember that time when the Chiefs sucked? That was cute."