Do You Ever Mix Multiple Cereals Together? Of Course You Don't

So on today's show we had a heated debate about cereal. It all started when Frankie looked at me like I was a crazy person when I said I didn't mix multiple cereals. Which is something I do not do nor have ever done. I pick the correct cereal and I eat that cereal. No mixing necessary. There's so many great cereals out there that there's no need to combine any two. Well Frankie was so confident that I was insane for not mixing my cereals that he took to Twitter to publicly shame me 

Not the best tweet because people didn't even know what he meant. People thought he was saying that I don't mix my cereal with milk (something I very much do)

So he doubled down, still thinking he was in the majority 

It was then that Frankie started to realize that he was in the VAST minority when it came to his method of eating cereal.

So he got desperate and tripled down 

Yikes. That actually made things worse. 

And finally 

That's a victory for sane people. Tough scene for Frankie but it's good to see not-crazy people have a voice and emerge the winner. Some people might mix their cereals, and that's fine, but to think the majority of people mix their cereals is where Frankie is wrong. Eat your cereal however you want. We're all gonna die some day.

We talk about #CerealGate, the Northern Trust, how dangerous pro ams actually are and how we feel about Bryson DeChambeau participating in a World Long Drive contest the Monday following the Ryder Cup. We also had defensive back Patrick Peterson on the show and he was great. BIG golfer. Great guy. Fun interview. Enjoy!



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