Katie Thurston May Have Had a Different Approach With Greg if the ATFR Was Live

It’s here! The Bachelorette Finale Recap! And who better than to start it off with than the Bachelorette herself, Katie Thurston, and her fiancé, Blake Moynes. We had these two on Chicks In The Office to discuss the big proposal and the dramatic After The Final Rose.

I’ve said it over and over again, the ATFR MUST be live. It’s so much better. The last two have been prerecorded and it really feels like things are missing. I don’t want to watch something from two weeks ago! I want it live!

Katie confirmed with us that since this was filmed a couple weeks ago, the world had yet to see the episode where Greg sent himself home. She was going off her raw emotions from seeing it all play out on TV. She told us that she may have approached the ATFR differently if it hadn’t been filmed previously. 

Katie and Blake also told us they’re headed up to Canada soon to be reunited with the Moynes family!! Now that is the content we want to see. If you have watched The Bachelorette as closely as I have...Katie’s season at the end felt VERY similar to Desiree’s season. The front runner, Brooks, sent himself home and the world thought Desiree was settling for a proposal from Chris, but guess who’s laughing now! Desiree and Chris have been together ever since, are married, and have two children together. Katie also shared on her Instagram story that she and Desiree have spoken, so that is the perfect person to give them the support they need.

We wish them the best, especially Trent.

Watch our interview with Katie and Blake AND our full finale recap with Trent on today’s Chicks in the Office here: