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Toss a W up for the Short Kings Out There, Chrishell Stause From Selling Sunset Is Now Dating One of Her Bosses Jason Oppenheim

So if you're familiar with Selling Sunset then you know all about the Oppenheim group, Chrishell and the other ladies that work there. But if not let me fill you in real quick, they work at a realtor company selling the biggest and most expensive mansions in LA all while fucking eachother in the office and make a reality show out of it. Jason and Brett Oppenheim, 5'4 (not that it matters whatsoever how short or tall they are at all even though I'm pretty sure they are 5'4 once again that does not matter), run the company and it seems like they just sling dick across the office. Chrishell was once married to Justin Hartley but they recently got a divorce and he remarried PRETTTTY quickly. So now Jason & Chrishell are together and it's perfect for the show. At first I was shocked and appalled because I truly felt like Jason & Brett show absolutely zero personality on the show but now I get it. Views baby, views.

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