2020: Who Cares? Future Olympian Craig Engels Is Ready For Paris in 2024

On today's Pardon My Take... CRAIG ENGELS! The world class runner and future Olympian joined the show to discuss what it was like to be on the wrong side of the bubble in Tokyo 2020, the difficulty in running, RV's and more. Glass half empty people are probably still upset that Engels didn't qualify for this year's Olympics, and that is understandable. But you know what we are going to do here today? Turn it into a positive. You can only control what is next, and Craig Engels is ready to make a run at Paris 2024. Take a look:

Mr. Cat: These Olympics suck. No one gets to do anything, there's no fans. So, you actually didn't even want to go to Tokyo. You're here for a good time, it's the next Olympics, whereve the fuck that is. Those are the ones we are going to.

Craig Engels: Paris, baby!

Mr. Cat: Paris! Oh, hell yes. You're going to make that team.

Mr. Commenter: That's perfect.

Craig Engels: Yeah bro, I'll sign you up as my coach if I make it to Paris, man.

Mr. Cat: Alright, perfect. I will literally trip someone for you. I will trip someone during the race for you.

Craig Engels: Hopefully I won't need it next time. So in 2019, I was real fit, and I won the USA Championships, and we got to go to Doha.

Mr. Cat: Oh, where's that?

Craig Engels: It's in Qatar, or "cutter," near Dubai. But sadly, I just wasn't as fit this year, because during COVID, I like gave up. I wasn't really training much, and I didn't really care. 

Mr. Cat: Okay. That's a strategy that maybe didn't work in an Olympic year, but I like you being honest about it. Like, "Hey, the Olympics Trials are coming up in six months. Maybe now is not a great time to give up." 

Mr. Commenter: I'm gonna hang out, not really exercise. 

Mr. Cat: It's also like, the one thing you can do during COVID, is like, run.

Craig Engels: Yeah dude, most people got into running, I got out of it.

Well, you've got to appreciate the honesty from Craig Engels. There are two things that we can confidently say after today's appearance on Pardon My Take. 1. He's not a liar. 2. He's a future Olympian (if he trains). See you in Paris, Craig!