I'm Actively Working On Getting Better At Poker. WSOP Watch Out.



First off, shout out to CA co-host Jake Toole. He decided to play some tournaments on Sunday and casually had a nearly $40k day. Ho hum, ho hum. Not too bad for a cash game guy. 

But seriously, that's why this podcast is great. It's me, Smitty, and Mintz...3 amateurs who love poker and play, and Jake, who is considered by many of the top pros to be the best player in the state of New Jersey. We talk poker, but it's casual. And then Jake is there to teach the world how to actually win at poker. I'm looking at the WSOP schedule and can't wait to get out there. But I want to be prepared. So how I am doing that? I'm actually trying to study poker.

I am actively trying to get better at poker. I'm watching training videos on It's a training site (this is not an ad) that I've been utilizing. I've also been watching ApeStyles streams. ApeStyles is one of the best online poker players in the world, and has been for the last decade. He streams on Twitch with his cards showing, talking through hands and explaining why he does what he does. 

We're going to start making more strategy-based content. The number 1 questions I get is "how do I get better at poker?". We send people to other places, so why not utilize this platform and teach people ourselves?! 

On today's episode of CA, we had on the founder of LearnProPoker, Ryan LaPlante, fresh off his 3rd place finish in the online WSOP $7,777 tournament. He lost when his pocket kings lost to J9 all in pre flop. Brutal game. 

If you like poker even casually, I think you'd enjoy this podcast. No, I know you will. It's just a good podcast. If you could subscribe on iTunes and leave a nice 5 star review I would love you forever.



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