Your 2021 Takie Awards Cheat Sheet: Categories, Nominees, and Winners for All 25 Honors

The 2021 Takie Awards are here! After a crazy year, Pardon My Take reflects on what has been a crazy 12 months around the sports and media world . There were highs, there were lows, there were good takes, AWFUL takes, and everything in between. Below is a Takie "cheat sheet" that includes every category, nominee, and winner (listed in italics). Here are the results of the 2021 Takie Awards:

!!!!!!!!!SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!!!!

Award 1 - Hacker of the Year

Guy that broke into Jay Williams Account*

The pipeline

Brogan Roback

Award 2 - Worst Dog Of The Year

Doge any time Elon Musk doesn't tweet about it

Leroy for dying


Waterdogs Lacrosse Club*

Award 3 - Retirement of the Year

Roy Williams 

Julian Edelman 

Coach K*

Aaron Rodgers

Award 4 - 19 Year Old Of The Year

Jayson Tatum


Lil Sasquatch*

Award 5 - Apology Of The Year 

Urban Meyer

Thom Brennaman*

Stephen A. Smith

Jeffrey Toobin 

Award 6 - Lenny of the Year 

Lenny Dykstra

Playoff Lenny

Barstool Lenny 

Super Bowl Lenny*

Award 7 - Best Load Management Of The Year 

Kyrie Irving

Joe Biden

Paul Bissonnette

Billy Football*


Award 8 - League Of The Year

Stool Streams Jenga

Kentucky Handball League

Premier Lacrosse League

Super League*

Award 9 - Alpha Of The Year

'Not that Guy' guy

Wile E. Coyote

Jake Marsh*

Award 10 - Lib of the Year 

Chris Long

Billy Football*

Cole Beasley 

Dan Wolken 


Award 11 - Thirst Trap of the Year

Dimmy Boys at Stu's Pool

Jeffrey Toobin

Ryen Russillo*

Paul Rabil*

Award 12 - Premature Celebration 

Steelers fans when they were 11-0

Ryen Russillo for adopting Chris Paul

'Suns in 4' Guy*


Award 13 - Bonk of the Year

Jeffrey Toobin

PFT Commenter

Darren Rovell*

Award 14 - Canadian Of The Year 

Paul Bissonnette

Montreal Canadiens

Lu Dort*

Award 15 - Worst Take of the Year

Nick Young

Barstool Sports

Big Cat

Louis Riddick

Emmanuel Acho*

Award 16 - Trend Of The Year 


Short Shorts

Getting Vaccinated

Being Cheugy 

Award 17 - Monday Reading Of The Year

Waffle House*

NY Times - Cheugy 

Disney Immersion 


Award 18 - Award Of The Year 


Award Of The Year

Tom Verducci's HOF Vote*

Gonzaga Making The Final Four  

Award 19 - Ratio Of The Year

Kevin Durant (joining the Warriors)

Kevin Durant (there's no relax champ)

Kevin Durant (Jackie MacMullen)

Kevin Durant (Nick Wright) 

Kevin Durant (Shannon Sharpe)*

Award 20 - Worst Prediction Of The Year

Kevin Singh (5th grader in yearbook)

Anonymous Baseball Scout 

James Harden

Colin Cowherd*

Award 21 - Postseason Tournament That Duke Didn't Qualify For of the Year 

NFL Playoffs

MLB Playoffs

NBA Playoffs

NHL Playoffs

NCAA Tournament*

Award 22 - Preemptive Take of the Year

Mike Florio (Richard Sherman Agent + COVID)

Max Kellerman (Tom Brady falling off a cliff)

Hank Lockwood (NCAA being defunct within five years)

Billy Football (2022 is going to be sick)*

Award 23 - Tommy Lasorda Memorial Still Alive Person Of the Year

Dickie V

Willie Mays

John Madden*

Honorable Mention - Prince Philip 

Award 24 - Blake of the Year

Blake Bortles

Blake Griffin

Brooks (Blake) Koepka


Award 25 - Listeners of the Year

The Daxon Five (Dax Shepard)

Let's Get LeBatarded in Here (Stugotz Army)

Sofia's Only Fans (With an F)

The Billionaires (Bill Simmons)

Mike Greenberg Radio Show Listeners (Mike Greenberg)

Ryen's Kids (Russillo)

Woj A. Simps (Adrian Wojnarowski's Podcast)

Pardon My Take's Award Winning Listeners (AWL's)*