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The Blue Jays Are Finally Going Home To Toronto And That Could Be Bad News For The AL East

Make the "I'm Coming Home" video for the Jays because they are finally making their way home to Toronto. Canada is opening the border and allowing the Blue Jays to play games in their home ballpark on July 30th for the first time since the end of the 2019 season. It'll be nice for them to finally be back at home after such a long break and actually be in their park and not in their spring training building or their AAA stadium. They got their teeth kicked in by the Red Sox last night but they aren't a team I'd count out at all. Something tells me they'll be in the running for a playoff spot at the end of the season, and with them getting their home fans back in the middle of the season....that could be all the juice they need to go on a run and close some ground in the division. The Blue Jays are in third place at 48-43 and 7 back of the first place Sox, but they have the best run differential in the East at +86 and are only 3.5 back of the last Wild Card spot. Vlad Jr is within shouting distance of the Triple Crown, Marcus Semien has been the best free agency pickup in the league, Robbie Ray has been fantastic recently, Teoscar Hernandez is coming off an All-Star appearance, and Bo Bichette is a certified stud. Going home finally could be a huge boost to the Jays and their playoff hopes.

Jared: "Like you could make a case that they're the scariest team in the division and they're in third place right now. They have a +95 run differential. The Yankees? +7. The Rays? +79. The Red Sox? +51. This team is fucking scary. "

Dallas: "The Blue Jays are gonna have to pitch man."

Jared: " You know what the X-Factor is? They're going back to Toronto soon."

Dallas: "YEP!"

Jared: "You get those guys in front of a juiced up Toronto home field. It makes a difference!"

Dallas: "That'll be fun, but theres shit like now the travel takes hold. All the bullshit you gotta deal with there. Coming in and out of the country."

Jared: "This is so like you. A lifelong Oakland A not factoring in the home crowd as a way to get some juices flowing."

Episode 259 coming at you hot off a full weekend of great baseball. Jared and Dallas give you the low down on everything that happened in the first series' since the ASG Including some injuries and IL stints by Jacob deGrom, Jazz Chisholm, and Fransisco Lindor. Some contract stuff going on with a Lance Lynn extension (MASS=GAS) and Joc Pederson heading to the Braves. 

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