FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Bucks Tie It Up, Bryson Is A Baby, Kentucky Sports Radio Callers & Fyre Fest Of The Week

The Bucks tie up the series and we recap a wild game 4. Giannis block, Chris Paul is hurt or drunk or something and Khris Middleton's legacy games are starting to add up ( 00:21:08 - 00:21:08). Bryson trashes his golf clubs and blames everyone but himself (00:21:08 - 00:28:25). PR 101 Mike Silver is now working for the WFT (00:28:25 - 00:34:16). Kentucky Sports Radio day is one of our favorites every year. Callers roast us and talk about Kentucky as well as a history of Kentucky from Billy (00:34:16 - 01:13:14). Fyre Fest of the week wraps up the week.