FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Christian Yelich, Pete Alonso’s Derby Pitcher Dave Jauss & Big Ben’s Diet

Home Run Derby sucked but we watched anyway (00:02:23 - 00:08:38). Big Ben is on a diet and also the most persecuted athlete of all time (00:08:38 - 00:18:57). Team USA sucks (00:18:57 - 00:26:06). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Billy’s QB tiers (00:26:06 -00:45:49). Christian Yelich joins the show to catch up, talk about his 2021, chugging beers, getting kicked out of a game and how to hit a big league pitch (00:45:49 - 01:25:46). Mets Bench Coach Dave Jauss joins the show to talk about the HR Derby, being a baseball lifer, the 99 HR Derby and tons more (01:25:46 - 02:04:01). We finish with guys on chicks plus Billy nails his recap