Rounders Is Easily The Best Gambling Movie Ever Made


I got triggered when I saw this posted on the BSSportsbook twitter page. Not actually triggered, but in the way of "there's only one correct answer to this" sort of way. The question isn't "what's the best movie". I think most people would say "Casino". And that's fine. But the question is "what's the best GAMBLING movie" and it is hands down, no doubt, 100% "Rounders", one of the best movies, not just gambling movies, but straight up motion major pictures, ever made.

If you haven't seen Rounders, stop what you're doing, pop some poprcorn, buy some candy from 7-11, go to HBO Max, and settle in for a great time. If it doesn't immediately make you want to play poker you should go ahead and dig your own grave. If Mike McDermott and Worm and Teddy KGB don't light a fire under your ass to start seeing some slops, I got nothing for you.

What's sick is every 6 months or so, the creator of Rounders teases a sequel 



Maybe once he wraps up "Billions" Koppelman can finalize Rounders 2. Boy could we use an update on Worm, and also another poker boom. 

Speaking of, I just played live poker for the first time in over a year when I was out in Colorado and it was AWESOME. Ameristar Blackhawk is a lovely hotel/casino in the mountains outside of Denver and I had a great time playing 2/5, even if it ended like this....



AK vs AA. We broke down this hand on today's episode of Cracking Aces, going over different ways to play it. We also talked about slowrolling, scammers, Mintz's deep run in the 2011 WSOP Main Event (he finished 75th!) and other fun odds an ends. It was a great episode of the podcast, and you don't even need to know poker to enjoy it. You can check it out here!