Christian Yelich Said He Blacked Out And Snapped When He Got Ejected Over The Weekend

On today's Pardon My Take... CHRISTIAN YELICH! The recurring guest joined the show to follow up on how his Home Run Derby bet with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter came together, whether or not he's seen a difference in pitches in the post-spider tack era, the Brewers/Cubs rivalry, and much more. The guys also got into it regarding Yelich's ejection over the weekend. The Milwaukee Brewer reminisced on that experience on today's show:

Mr. Cat: You got tagged our making a slight move to second base and I've never seen you that mad. you were very mad. 

Christian Yelich: Debatable. Debatable. 

Mr. Cat: Well, come on. You made a little bit of a move. What's Shakira? The hips don't lie. 

Christian Yelich: It's open to interpretation. I believe that's what it says in the rulebook. It's a judgment call. And also I think we disagree to disagree on what we were seeing, what was being said. And then one of us had to go home early.

Mr. Commenter: I think what made you mad wasn't necessarily that you got called out, it's the emphatic with which the umpire called you out like he punched you out. He wound up for that. He was really excited to make that call. I think that's what rubbed you the wrong way.

Christian Yelich: I think that was the third game of the series, it was just a lot of build up that led to it, it wasn't just that one instance, you know what I mean? But I don't really want to say too much on it, because I'm probably already going to get fined a decent amount for my on field antics there. So we'll kind of just, you know...

Mr. Commenter: I'll ask it to you this way, do you still get paid if you get kicked out of a game. 

Christian Yelich: I think so. I've only been kicked out of game twice, but this one, this one was definitely my better one of the two. If you're going to get thrown out of the game, I guess, fully commit to getting thrown out of the game. It was like a full blown blackout snap, like, I don't really remember it. 

Mr. Cat: I was shocked. 

Christian Yelich: It's in there. Some people always think I'm this super laid back, happy-go-lucky guy, but I'm kind of not. There's times where I am, but I'm pretty fired up out there sometimes. And people that play with me and like know me in a baseball sense, know that's in there. But in like my day to day life, I'm pretty laid back guy kind of just chill with it.

Mr. Cat (a few seconds later): After, do you just go and take a shower and hang out or did you go home? Is it fun to watch the game in the clubhouse by yourself? 

Christian Yelich: Yeah, so I didn't go home. it was the sixth inning, somewhere in the middle of the game. My other ejection was in the bottom of the first, so I actually have the whole game to watch, so this one was at least in the middle. But Counsell, our manager, he got thrown out right before that, like the inning before. So he was already in the clubhouse at his desk. And to get back to our locker room, you have to walk down the hallway and it's past like the manager's office. So he was sitting in there and I walked by his office and was like, "Well, shit, like, what's up man?"


Mr. Commenter: Look at us, who would have thought?

These are the behind the scenes tidbits that always fascinate me. Once a player or manager gets ejected, all we see is that happens on the field. The moment they step inside the tunnel, the cameras are obviously no longer rolling. It must not be fun to get thrown out, but on the bright side, you (most of the time) have the entire clubhouse to yourself.