Best Pardon My Take Episode Ever

I have not actually listened to the episode yet. Big Cat and PFT kindly let the regular crew take some time off and apparently we might all be getting Wally Pipped (Most likely me).

The reviews are in and let me tell you this episode did not disappoint!

I am excited to listen as my father Ryen Russillo is also on the podcast 

Andre Drummond also joins the pod and the guys roasted his ass.

Lowkey… I purposefully chose to wait to listen to this episode when I had enough time to do 1x speed because I did not want to rush it. When I am not on the show I kinda love being an AWL again. This Podcast is literally addictive as crack and it's so awesome to appreciate it through the earbuds as a listener. I can't wait to listen to break down NBA finals, Stanley Cup Finals, and two awesome interviews. What a great way to start the weekend. I am actually cutting this blog short so I can just start listening already.

Also, PFT is getting drunk on a beach right now.