We're Getting Never-Before-Seen UFO Footage Tonight

We finally tackled one of our most requested episode topics on this week's — and next week's — Macrodosing: aliens. It was so good, we needed to make it a two-parter.

In Part 1, we talked to Harvey Levin from TMZ, who is coming out with a special tonight on FOX which will feature never-before-seen UFO footage and interviews with all sorts of people from the military to scientists about what it all could mean. Levin said he wasn't very impressed with what the federal government came out with in its highly anticipated UFO report last week, but says we will see new footage and get some explanation from experts on TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof.

I'm curious to watch tonight and see just what this footage is, because nothing we've seen so far has convinced me at all that the unidentified objects we're talking about are alien crafts. They're just that: unidentified. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and saying, "We don't know," is quite a bit short of extraordinary.

But we had a great conversation with Harvey and amongst ourselves about what we think about aliens overall and about this recent report from The Pentagon. Billy has quite a "stay woke" take on the whole deal. And next week, we'll talk to Barstool producer Zah, who was part of one of the most notorious alien sightings in recent history. You absolutely have to hear him tell his story.

Listen to this week's episode and get ready for even more alien talk next week.