Jon Taffer And The Promise Of Authenticity

Jon Taffer! A legend in every sense of the word. Jon Taffer joined us on today's Fore Play and per usual he was a ball of electricity. He's the best. He brings it every single time. One of the greatest to ever do it. Before Taffer, we talk about what it takes to get better at golf and how many people are trying. We realize that it's probably a pretty small number. Most people just go out there and try to enjoy the day which is likely the best approach. But to actually TRY to get better is a whole different animal. We also talk about hitting a plateau in your golf game and whether or not that takes away from the enjoyment of playing. Lots of good stuff in today's episode. Enjoy!



Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We just dropped our full round at Torrey Pines from 7,800 yards. Difficult!