Steve Jobs Isn't Dead, He's Living in Egypt

I don't care what anyone tries to tell me, that is Steve Jobs living out his days in Egypt. And good for him. If that's where he wants to spend his remaining years, then that's what he should be able to do.

On this week's Macrodosing, we discussed our favorite faked celebrity death conspiracies. There were some interesting ones throughout the show, but if I had to believe one, Jobs makes sense, right? Who else would want to get completely off the grid more than one of the people who was most instrumental in creating it?

Also of note in that picture of Egyptian Jobs is the fact that he's not wearing shoes. Jobs was notorious for walking barefoot as a way to help him come up with ideas — which also sounds like someone weird enough to fake his own death.

If there would be someone with the means, creativity and motive to pick up his life and take it on the road, it would be Jobs. Just hand over the keys to Tim Apple, throw away everything you've ever made that starts with the letter "i" and go see what the Middle East is all about. I can absolutely see it.

Some of the others we discuss on this week's episode include Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and PFT even has some thoughts on the H-man. Be sure to check it out, subscribe and review.