Dog vs Tank: A Historical Match-Up

Frank the Tank and Nate Dogg squared off on Stool Streams where the matchup took a nasty, real turn and became a rivalry. The Dogg came away with a 2-1 victory over The Tank in the series, but who will win the war? This was the first time the two forces have met in Stool Streams Stadium, but not the first time the two have met up on the battlefield. 

To counter Germany's armored tank advantage in WWII, the Russians trained dogs to run under Nazi tanks while strapped with explosives. It may have been karma for detonating dogs, but unfortunately for the Russians, the plan backfired. The bomb-strapped dogs were trained on Russian model tanks, not German tanks, so when the dogs were let loose on the battlefield, they ran under their own tanks.

I'm not sure if this scouting report behind match-up helps predict the outcome of Nate and Tank, but it does mean explosive chaos as the two go directly at each other's throats. What other historical match-ups will we unknowingly discuss on the next Twisted History? Find out, a new episode with Large and myself every Wednesday.