The Way Shohei Ohtani Is Playing Is Making People Forget Mike Trout Is Still Injured

Do fans even realize that the best player in baseball has been out for almost a month? Mike Trout has been on the shelf with a calf injury since May 17th and it's like no one cares.....probably because all of the hype on his team has switched to Shohei Ohtani. Usually if the best player in the league is out with an injury people would shy away from watching that team play., especially if they have a record like the Angels have. Who wants to watch a team without it's best player? Well in this case a lot of people. We're still tuning into Angels games late at night because of Shohei Ohtani. Every time he steps on the field he's doing something we haven't seen since before air conditioning was invented, he's special. Trout used to be the only reason anyone stayed up late and threw MLB Network on the TV, now it's Ohtani, partially because of his availability but it's also because he's so damn good. I'm totally with Jared too, we forget that Trout is hurt because we're so focused on what Ohtani is doing every night. 

Jared: "I want to put on the Angels but it's not for Mike Trout, it's for Shohei Ohtani. "

Dallas: "Damn right it is, eat your fucking chicken fingers bitch."

Jared: *Unphased by chicken fingers comment* "When I'm lining up the TVs and theres more games than TVs, it's like the Angels are always getting put on but it's not for Trout....It's for Ohtani."

Dallas: "It's an example of why guys are the face of baseball. The best player in the game, down and out probably till after the All Star Break and theres really not a big up in arms type of "we're missing this dude, missing seeing him each and everyday, that's not it."

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