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Imagine Winning A Batting Title But Losing Your Arbitration Case Because You Didn’t Hit A Single Home Run

The guys got a big fish on episode 247, a Hall Of Fame fish. The Twins legend and one of the best hitters ever joined the podcast to discuss his new book coming out, his approach to hitting, where the modern game is at now, and his experiences coming up in baseball. It's a fantastic interview with some really interesting stuff in there with someone who bleeds baseball. Carew could hit with the best of them, just didn't show that much power. In fact, in 1972 he won the batting title with an average of .318 and finished with 0 home runs. 0. 

Jared: " One of my favorite trivia questions is "who's the only player to win a batting title without hitting a home run?"

Rod Carew: *Before Jared could even finish his sentence* "Me!"

Jared : "That sir would be you. Yup. Walk me through that."

Carew: "I lost my arbitration case because I didn't hit a home run that year but I led... you know so I didn't think about the long ball. You know every time I hit a home run it was luck."

Pretty cool to see a baseball legend sit with the guys and talk shop with them. For sure a must listen to interview. Dallas and Jared also talk about the black cloud hanging over baseball with the foreign substance crackdown and a full on conversation about that, because this stuff isn't going anywhere. Jacob deGrom is still doing incredible things and getting better and better as the season goes on, and the Brew Crew may be the hottest club in baseball right now. All that and much more on episode 247 of Starting 9. 

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