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Barstool Is Full Of College Dropouts

We've got quite the trio on today's new Token CEO - all three who happen to be college dropouts & still totally successful in their jobs here at Barstool. Marina dropped out to join Team Portnoy, Fran dropped out to create Chicks In The Office, and Bri dropped out to create content + podcast with BFFs, Because We Got High, & PlanBri.

In the episode, the three & Erika are all over the board - they talk what they would be doing if they didn't drop out of school, how they're thinking about summer & planning ahead, plus they talk women in the media and how cancel culture is such a problem. It's so cool to see how each one of them came from a totally different point in their life, but were all able to fit right in at Barstool and help reach audiences that we didn't even know we could get to. The whole landscape of what people think about college degrees is changing and the conversations in this episode brings up great points on alternative moves. 

Listen here: