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Embrace Debate: Is Colorado A Part of the South?

On today's Pardon My Take... PAUL BISSONNETTE! Biznasty joined today's show to discuss all things playoff hockey, John Tavares, the Tom Wilson incident, his updated picks to win the cup, and much more. When Biz came on the show a few months ago, he gave out the Flyers as his pick to win it all. Unfortunately, Philadelphia did not qualify for the playoffs. On today's show, our colleague got another shot to make his picks for who would be the last two teams left, but it turned into a wild debate instead. Take a look:

Paul Bissonnette: So, I would say Colorado-Tampa. And that would be good for hockey, two southern markets in the United States.

Mr. Cat: Colorado's not at all southern.

Mr. Commenter: Colorado, deep south. No, they're deep south. 

Paul Bissonnette: You don't consider Colorado southern? 

Mr. Commenter: No, Colorado is absolutely part of the south. 

Paul Bissonnette: Based on the North American scale, Colorado is considered southern. 

Mr. Commenter: What map are you looking at?

Mr. Cat: It's west. It's not north or south. It's west. 

Mr. Commenter: You know what? Fuck it. Colorado's part of the south now. 

Mr. Cat: No, you wouldn't say north or south for Colorado, you'd say it's out west. 

Paul Bissonnette: Jake, if I took a map of North America, and I said Colorado, would you consider that more south than most of the markets? 

Jake: I think it's right around the middle of North America, because it's the middle of the middle country. 

Mr. Cat: No, he's saying in the middle of the country.

Jake: No, he's saying North America.

Mr. Cat: You're saying North America? 

Mr. Commenter: But that includes all of Mexico, too. I think that Colorado...

Paul Bissonnette: Mexico's in North America? 

Mr. Cat and Mr. Commentter: Yes.

Paul Bissonnette: OK, then forget what I said.

Well, there you have it. A nice, little geography lesson to start off your week. I do see what Biz is saying from a Canadian's perspective. Technically, the majority of the United States is south of Canada. But here in the USA, Colorado is absolutely out west.