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Test How Well You Know the Names of Mid-Major College Basketball Head Coaches

On today's episode of the Barstool Bench Mob, we changed things up a little bit. In addition to giving some updates on offseason happenings and having Fox Sports' John Fanta on once again, the show ended with a little bit of trivia. How well do you know the names of some mid-major coaches around the country? I quizzed my co-hosts, Marty Mush and Rico Bosco, with six multiple choice questions of four names. Some are real, some are fake, but one of them is currently a head coach of a D-I men's basketball team. I will post the answers at the bottom of this blog, so don't scroll all the way down until after you guess.


A) Landon Bussie 

B) Landon Ross 

C) Landon Carter 

D) Landon Barker 


A) Sebastian Shaw 

B) Barclay Radebaugh 

C) Kyle Barraclough 

D) Bonar Law 


A) Daniil Medvedev 

B) Matt Medved 

C) Ilya Medvedev 

D) Niko Medved 


A) Amir Khan 

B) Ahmad Abdul Rahim 

C) Achmed Khan 

D) Amir Abdur-Rahim 


A) Bucky Lasek 

B) Bucky O’Hare 

C) Bucky McMillan 

D) Bucky Fellini 


A) Duggar Baucom 

B) Freddy Krueger 

C) Rex Pflueger

D) Braden Looper

Marty correctly guessed three of the coaches, and Rico got two. Time to find out how you did. SPOILERS BELOW!


Landon Bussie (Alcorn State HC)

Landon Ross (environmental biologist)

Landon Carter (narrator of novel, A Walk to Remember)

Landon Barker (reality star)

Sebastian Shaw (supervillain in X-Men)

Barclay Radebaugh (Charleston Southern HC)

Kyle Barraclough (MLB pitcher)

Bonar Law (British Prime Minister)

Daniil Medvedev (tennis player)

Matt Medved (DJ and record producer)

Ilya Medvedev (Russian olympic canoer)

Niko Medved (Colorado State HC)

Amir Khan (Backyard Baseball)

Ahmad Abdul Rahim (Bad News Bears)

Achmed Khan (Backyard Baseball)

Amir Abdur-Rahim (Kennesaw State HC)

Bucky Lasek (professional skateboarder)

Bucky O’Hare (comic book character)

Bucky McMillan (Samford HC)

Bucky Fellini (studio album by The Dead Milkmen)

Duggar Baucom (The Citadel HC)

Freddy Krueger (serial killer)

Rex Pflueger (Notre Dame MBB former player)

Braden Looper (former MLB pitcher)