MAJOR BRITNEY SPEARS NEWS: She Will Address the Court on June 23

The #FreeBritney movement has been going on for years now. All the fans want is to hear from Britney herself and what she really thinks about her conservatorship. Her lawyer has been fighting for her father, Jamie, to be removed completely from control. She says on her Instagram that she is happy and everything is fine…but is it really her posting all her social? We don’t know!! Finally, Britney’s lawyer has asked the judge for Britney to address the court directly.

They requested for this to happen ASAP so the date has been set at June 23. We are dying to hear what Britney has to say and what she asks of the judge. Will she say herself that she wants Jamie out? Will she say something completely unexpected? Who knows!!! It does seem like this is moving in a good direction.

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