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What Frank the Tank Is Like After Accidentally Eating a Weed Cookie

When we set out to record an episode of Macrodosing celebrating 4/20, we could have never imagined the luck we'd run into. Just hours before we were set to record, our good friend Frank the Tank accidentally ingested about half of a 3Chi Delta 8 THC cookie and we knew he was a must-have guest on the show.

In all honesty, it was a little difficult to discern what was Frank being high for the first time and what was him being himself, but there is no doubt he was feeling some effects. Off the top of the show, he told the same joke about the Yankees twice within a span of about three minutes and laughed hysterically at his own joke after each one.

We also posited that it might be a good idea for Frank to keep some cookies to watch Mets games going forward. I think it would really help him to take a bite or two after every Michael Conforto pop-up with runners in scoring position to just take a bit of the edge off. At least until July or so.

But we got everything from Tank. He laughed his ass off, told us a story about a case involving pounds of weed being shipped from an As Seen on TV warehouse in New Jersey — of which he still had pictures on his phone for whatever reason — and much more. You have to listen to Frank's full appearance to get the full scope of how he was feeling, but you can definitely tell he was celebrating 4/20.