Rotten Tomatoes Continues To Defame themselves by Giving Cheaper By The Dozen 2 A 6% on the Tomatometer

This is some fucking BULLLLLLLSHIT from Rotten Tomatoes. We already know it’s a bullshit website and that’s why we now use but they never fail to amaze me with their scores. Something that has never sat right with me is that Couples Retreat has an 11% on rotten tomatoes, so since then we’ve been keeping an eye on their scores to see if their doing certain movies justice. Well guess what? They’re not. 

6%?!?!!!! 6. Six. 6 PERCENT. That is the score given to Cheaper By The Dozen 2. You’re probably saying to yourself well Ria that’s an old movie why do we even care about the score? Ummmm because it’s a phenomenal movie that should be recognized as such and I’m tired of rotten tomatoes’ pretentious ass shitting on A+ family comedies. Steve Martin deserves better. Hilary Duff deserves better. Eugene Levy DESERVES BETTER.

Get your fucking shit together rotten tomatoes because chicks in the office isn’t going to let you live this down.

Listen to the full pod and us finding out here: