Dale Moss Reveals He and Clare Crawley Love Each Other Unconditionally

Bachelorette winner Dale Moss is on Chicks In The Office today! We asked him about his time on the bachelorette, his relationship with the rest of the men, and his relationship with Clare now. Trent even brought up the iconic "BABIES!" moment.

However, Dale is keeping it pretty tight lipped. He told us that he wants to keep his private life private while he and Clare navigate their lives. He wouldn't reveal if he and Clare are fully together or not...but he did say that they love each other unconditionally. To me, you don't say that about someone you're not trying to make a relationship work with...but who knows!

What we do know is that Dale has GOT to start an OnlyFans for his feet. Those bad boys are all over Instagram and he should be making some more money from that if he's just going to put them out there for free! We also taught him about WikiFeet.

For the full interview listen here: