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How About Hideki Matsuyama Just Casually Strolling Through The Airport Carrying His Green Jacket?

Incredible. Those two pictures are INCREDIBLE. Masters champ Hideki Matsuyama just casually strolling through the airport with his green jacket approximately 16 hours after he won it. Carrying it around and then draping it over a chair as he waits at his gate like he's a regular guy who didn't just win the biggest golf tournament in the universe. What was going through security with the green jacket like? Did Hideki wear the green jacket through security or did he toss it into one of the bins? I'm guessing he tossed it in a bin which is laugh out loud funny to think about. Imagine being the guy at TSA who watches the items go through the scanner and the green jacket passes by? Holy shit man. If I'm that guy, I flag it and pull it aside for a search just so I could touch it. Those are some amazing visuals. Hideki fucking Matsuyama. What a guy. Goes to Augusta, dominates for 95% of the tournament, becomes the first Japanese player to win the green jacket and then flies home commercial like he just attended a business seminar. Legend. I'd also like one of those ANGC hats ASAP.

Today's episode of Fore Play is a full recap of the Masters. If it happened this weekend, we talked about it. We obviously talk a lot about Matsuyama and what his win means for the game of golf globally, Billy Horschel proved himself (again) to be a psychopath, Michael Greller shaved his beard for some reason, Bryson still cant figure out Augusta National and a LOT more. What a week.