Move Over Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy Might Just Have A New Best Friend

There is no bigger supporter of the women’s basketball game than Dave Portnoy. 

He has since the beginning wagered HUGE amounts of money on both women’s college basketball and the WNBA. Just this last week, he found a new favorite team and a new favorite player in Baylor’s Didi Richards.

Prior to the episode recording, Dave mentioned to me that he heard I was interviewing her, and that he was a HUGE fan. That’s saying something since Dave is not known lavishly expressing love for athletes. 

So of course, I had to ask Didi about what she thought of Portnoy, and it turns out, she’s as big of a Dave Portnoy fan as he is of her. She discussed the conversation that developed between the two after the tragic no call that cost Baylor the game, and how funny she thought it was that he said, “you probably don’t know me.” Of course she knew him.

We discussed this and more, including how Baylor was robbed of the one seed and hosed by the refs in the tournament, costing them possibly a second national title; what her thoughts were coming back from her horrific injury that left her with no feeling below the waist; what it was like to take a charge in her first game back after rehab; and why she wears nails that seem way too long for playing basketball on an elite level. We also talk to our very own Erika Nardini about women embracing their inner villain along with Pac12 defensive player of the year and Pac 12 player of the year Aari McDonald about how she put Paige Bueckers in jail in the Final Four Game. Give it a listen. 

PS: Dave knows that Baylor got screwed on that last play, too.