One Shining Moment Is the Most Emotional Three Minutes in Sports

After last year's NCAA Tournament was canceled, we were robbed of a ton of moments. No buzzer beaters, no upsets, no champion being crowned. In addition to all of that, we missed out on a "One Shining Moment" video. After the completion of March Madness each year, CBS puts together a three minute montage that includes the highs, lows, and biggest storylines in college basketball that took place over the last month. Take a look at this year's version:

Is there anything better than that? The elation of winning at the buzzer, the sadness of your season/career coming to an end, and everything in between. March Madness ALWAYS delivers, and despite the uniqueness of this year's tournament, The Big Dance did not miss a beat. Since the tournament began, Big Cat and PFT had me log a moment any time I thought something was worthy of being in this video. Here is how I did: 

Hey, I'll take that! It's a winning record and certainly impossible to predict everything. We also broke down the video on today's episode of the Barstool Bench Mob. Rico and Marty weren't the biggest fans of this year's video, but I had no reason to complain. You can listen to our latest show below that has a full recap of the NCAA Tournament Championship Game, Stanford's thrilling title on the women's side, and more. Thanks for listening this season! This podcast would not be possible without you guys.

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