Nate Bargatze Says There Was One Joke He Told On The Joe Rogan Experience That Didn't Land AT ALL

On today's Fore Play we had one of the funniest people in the universe on, Nate Bargatze. It was his second time on the show and the dude LOVES golf. Like really loves it. Nate Bargatze loves golf so much that he recently had a simulator installed in his house so he can hit balls whenever he wants. He said he's only had the simulator for two days but has already logged 17 hours on it which sounds awesome.

We obviously talked a lot of golf with him but we also talked about what it was like going on the Joe Rogan Experience. You rarely hear stories about how nervous or worried people were to go on the biggest podcast in the world but Nate told a hilarious story about trying to tell a joke that didn't land AT ALL. It was a funny and cool look into what it's like to go on a show that massive. Nate also talked about playing golf matches vs Shay Mooney, who he thinks is gonna win the Masters, what it was like filming a Netflix special during a pandemic and a ton more. Hilarious and awesome guest.