Whit Claims The Bruins Were Toast Once Their Coach Said "New York Saints"

On the latest Spittin' Chiclets, Whitney took Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy to task for referring to the Islanders as the "New York Saints" after the coach was unhappy with the way things were going down. "Top 3 nerdiest lines in the history of post-game press conferences" he called it. Whit is one of the best chirpers in or out of the game so he has high standards when it comes to talking shit and he was less than impressed with Butch here.

We also discussed whether trying to get to the refs via media even works.

Seemed to work for Trotz after Game 4 re: Bergeron and faceoffs. Regardless, you can listen to the rest of our playoffs talk in addition to New York Ranger Colin Blackwell.