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Why the Hell Does Anybody Go Into the Ocean?

This week's Macrodosing was certainly an interesting adventure. We had Arian in studio again — and suffice it to say he had consumed a bit of sheesh — alongside myself, PFT, Coley and Billy Ocean.

We cover plenty of mysteries of the deep you could want to know about, but this episode boils down to a very basic question for me: why in the actual hell would anyone ever want to get into the ocean? This may be the one thing in the world Arian and I actually agree wholeheartedly on. PFT and Billy tried to give some justifications for stepping into the home of some of the most terrifying creatures known to man — and those are just the ones we know of from the seven percent of the ocean we've observed — and none of them hold any water to me.

And if you don't already have a healthy fear of the ocean, I believe this episode could change your mind after an hour and a half. We know almost nothing about what's under there and what we do know is insane and terrifying. Fuck the ocean.

We also get into mermaids, what fish you'd fuck — if you had to — potential underwater civilizations and much more. Be sure to subscribe, rate and review if you enjoy the show.