Pink Whitney Vs. White Sox Dave Is My New Favorite Rivalry

I'm posting the full audio for your convenience but you can start with a brief summary of my new favorite rivalry in the clip below. Stanley Cup Champion and United States Olympian Ryan Whitney in a Fuck You Off vs. division 3 bullpen catcher White Sox Dave. Mainline this shit directly into my veins.

It didn't start there though. If you recall just a few weeks back Whitney was on a snake draft where he dummied us clowns by an objective measurement. Maybe not his first taste of Barstool Chicago but he definitely had to sit through some Conor McGregor and Tom Brady arguments that would make you question our sanity. 

Credit where credit is due. Whitney put up a big win in his debut but it comes at the cost of now literally being in the middle of Barstool Chicago's crosshairs. You may be a big deal in the hockey community but that will never and I mean NEVER play with WSD. You think he gives a fuck about the opposition's status when we're talking Tom Brady legacy? 

Nobody is talking about how mad Whitney was about losing to WSD but that's a different blog. For now just fast forward a couple weeks where Pink is so rattled he can't help but keep Barstool Chicago's name out of his mouth on Spittin Chiclets.

Which brings us back to this week on Red Line Radio. He was called to task to go 1-on-1 with Chief about the Blackhawks playoff chances. You don't go in on the Hawks like that without answering to Chief's thorough, qualified analysis. Whitney was a pro as expected but you knew along the way that WSD was lurking. Waiting. Sizing up his prey and when the time came to strike, he didn't miss. As time expires on the interview, he ignites a match that gives birth to two beautiful newborns in the Barstool Chicago office. 

1. Turtle - maybe/definitely a nickname that's already overplayed but I'll be damned if it didn't instantly stick 


2. WSD vs. Ryan Whitney - just an all time tale of the tape. Two guys that were actually made for each other the better you get to know them. No idea where it goes from here but that's Wild West Cowboy life. 

Welcome to the Thunderdome Pinky