Kate Joins The Podfathers To Discuss How She Expects The Joys Of Childbirth And Becoming A New Parent To Be

I don't think that is actually Kate in that gif, but I wouldn't be shocked if she is doing that at home because Kate is a crazy person in all the best ways. We welcome the future first mom of the Barstool content department and hit her with our signature Podfathers 10 Pack™Questions. That's not really trademarked because what type of sick fuck would steal that phrase?

Kate lets us know in her signature hilariously honest ways if she or Pat plan to look below The Wall during childbirth (There is one Yes and one No in there), what will be her first social media post of her baby (This seems to be up for sale), how they plan to split up parenting duties, and how long until they ditch the kid with Large's family to get a night out as new parents.

The big man and I then discuss the attempted cancellation of Dr. Seuss as schools honor him this week, the OnlyFans mom whose kids were expelled from school because of her online presence, and if kids are crazy for liking only villains.