The San Diego Padres Are Acting Like The Los Angeles Dodgers

This week on Red Line Radio we talked a LOT of baseball with pitchers and catchers reporting. Now, most people that read the site or see me on Twitter or post in the comment section call me the eternal optimist White Sox fan. They think that I think they're way better than they are. The truth is, I try to be as real as I can when informing the masses about them. Sure, there is inherent bias with me but I truly do try to push that aside as much as possible for radio, blogs, etc. 

With that said, I have two comments:

1. I think this team can win the World Series in 2021 and am exceedingly excited about them
2. I think Jerry Reinsdorf has impeded their chances of winning a World Series this year because he wouldn't spend like a big boy

Both can be true at the same time. In our baseball discussion yesterday, Carl said that he'll gut out the next three years of a rebuild on the North Side because he knows that money will be spent on the backside of the rebuild to turn the Cubs into perennial contenders again. I scoffed at that comment because in the 2-3 weeks prior, I said I was pissed off at Jerry Reinsdorf for not allowing the White Sox front office to go and get a whale this winter. It was a comment that annoyed me as it's playing both sides of the fence. "The White Sox should want financial flexibility!! They shouldn't be spending on whales because that could fuck them like Jason Heyward, Tyler Chatwood and Craig Kimbrel fucked the Cubs!!!" 

Ummm okay? The Cubs won a World Series because they dropped $150MM on Jon Lester. Even Jason Heyward gave his dick out rain delay speech in game 7 of the World Series and that alone makes his $184MM deal worth it. But the Sox haven't won shit yet. 

Here are the White Sox payrolls the last two years:

2020: $131MM
2021: $124MM

They had a good offseason; they acquired the best reliever in baseball to complement their already loaded pen, added a stud SP and seemingly improved in RF. All fine and dandy, but their payroll went DOWN YoY and they're currently 15th highest in baseball. "YOU DON'T NEED TREVOR BAUER!!!" Carl screamed into the void. 

Ummmm what....? What team in baseball doesn't need a Trevor Bauer? And look who he signed with? Did the defending World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers NEED Trevor Bauer? 

They sure did. That's why they opened up their wallets and signed him, and now they're even loaded than they were a year ago when they won it all. That's when Carl asked, "oh so you're the Dodgers now? You're really comparing yourself to the Dodgers??"

No Carl. I know they're not going to trot out a $250MM payroll and pay a fuckton of tax overages. I'm asking for, I don't know, a top 5 payroll? In years they're saying they can win it all? Why is that too much to ask? They're a large market team and have had payrolls in the bottom 5 of baseball for 3 years prior to 2020. Add Trevor Bauer's contract to the 2021 books and they're STILL only 7th in the league. 

It makes absolutely no sense to me how anyone can defend Reinsdorf here. Don't forget, he is the one that didn't think it was "worth it" to go for a 7th ring in the Bulls' dynasty of the 1990s. But you know who is acting like the Dodgers?

Their division rival San Diego Padres. You know, that massive city that's a major media market in the SW corner of our country. The same city that doesn't have a football, basketball or hockey team. The same city that has a metro area that's 6.5MM people less than Chicago. That city will have a payroll that's $50MM or so MORE than the Chicago White Sox this year and they are fucking loaded. They've built up their home grown depth, complemented that homegrown depth with stars, and have zero fear about spending big on free agents. They now have TWO (!!!) contracts north of $300MM on their books, with Hosmer, Will Myers both making $20MM this year and Darvish $19MM. 

They know that they have a chance to be a juggernaut for years on end and are spending like they're trying to slit jugulars. Here are their payroll ranks since 2010:

29, 29, 29, 25, 21, 22, 20, 28, 26, 24

Now they're going to be 3-4 or so. 

It's crazy talk to me from Carl. I'm sorry for holding the owner of the organization I spend every ounce of my emotion, finances, and time on to a higher (not even the highest) standard. Thank God Hahn and his team were able to work around Reinsdorf's frugality and make this roster pretty loaded.

I'm done (for the time being) pissing and moaning about Reinsdorf though. The White Sox can win it all if everything goes perfectly. I love most of their roster. Their depth scares the shit out of me, and they aren't well insulated for injuries, but should they stay healthy and play at their peaks, the commissioner's trophy is their limit. 

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