Nick Turani Details Nearly Being Kidnapped the Only Time He's Been to Chicago

Thinks kind of went all over the place on the Season 2 finale of Fantasy Football Factory. In addition to Hank detailing his first round loss as the No. 1 seed and taking questions from the Union Members as we near the end of the fantasy season, we somehow ended up on Nick's story of nearly becoming a victim of kidnapping the one time he's ever been to Chicago.

Hopefully he doesn't have a lingering fear of the city if he ends up heading back up there to perform his fantasy football punishment with the Barstool Chicago guys. But whoever ends up having to do that alongside Nick is in for quite a time.

Be sure to listen to the rest of this week's episode too, as the boys wrap up everything from this season. The next time we'll be back in the Factory will be for Nick's punishment, so be sure to tune in for that. And then we'll see everyone again in September for another great season of fantasy football.