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It's Performance Review Time Here At Barstool!

Lots of stuff happening in Podfathers World these days. Saint Anne is laid up with shingles, which means Large has to actually parent his kids and he is NOT happy about it. I am my usual delightful self being in charge of watching Siena as she goes full-time remote schooling. 

In addition to all that, both me and the big fellas were somehow on the hook to give Zah a performance review due to a typical Barstool tech snafu. We get into the review “process” at Barstool before unveiling the Stool’s hottest new podcasting franchise: “The Definitive Mount Rushmore Snake Draft Power Rankings”. This week’s category is Christmas songs.

We also chop it up about the Lions HC Darrell Bevel's Dad Moment of spoiling both his daughters’ boyfriends asking him for their hands in marriage by telling the media first, give props to “Dad How Do I” for being the best handyman dad on YouTube, and give some real TV show suggestions for the holiday break/lockdown along with fake advice for expecting couples.

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