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*Large's Last Podcast At Barstool*

*Is what this episode would be called if Portnoy gave Large a pink slip along with some Thanksgiving leftovers for being as worthless as dirt on Black Friday. However he didn't, so The Podfathers are together (for now) recapping our Thanksgivings, Large's half marathon and Twitter mentions both wearing him down, and the Barstool Way of slinging merch during the holidays.

We also dive into some mailbag questions including grading Baby Yoda's revealed name in The Mandalorian before a bedtime story about Finn's name ringing out in the streets of Brooklyn. 

If the thought of losing that beautiful big man in podcast form scared you, make sure to subscribe to The Podfathers and Twisted History, which has a sex tape* coming out today, so Large becomes too important to ever get axed for simply not caring about the financial well-being of Barstool.

*sex tape episode

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