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KFC Radio: Taylor Schilling, Celebrity Mugshots, and Kindergarden Monsters

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-Spotify Employees are threatening to quit if Joe Rogan isn't censored. Is it a hoax marketing scheme? 
-Spider won a free 10k bet 
-A man was refused a kindergarten teaching job because of his tattoos 
-A woman is having trouble finding work as a doctor because she won the Ms Bum Bum contest 
-MGK's new album/Megan Fox 
-Top 5 Celebrity Mugshots 
-Voicemails include childhood trauma, too into porn, and positive social media 
-(01:35:00) Taylor Schilling returns to the show! We discuss her new anthology show Monsterland and what the scariest type of horror is. We also talk what Taylor wanted to be growing up, her strangest jobs as an actor, play Answer the Internet, and much more. 
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