Red Line Radio Ft. Dallas Braden Is LIVE!!!

We went back to our roots in this week's episode of Red Line Radio and talked a LOT of baseball. Like a lot a lot. It felt fucking good too. Ya know why? Because the White Sox are on a fucking tear and making national headlines seemingly every night. We got Jose Abreu playing at an MVP level, Dallas Keuchel doing his think, Lucas Giolito blanking team after team, Luis Robert hitting the cover off baseballs, Eloy Jimenez spraying the ball all over the field and a total shut down bullpen. 

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All of the work I have put into making the White Sox great again has finally paid off. And by work I mean it's hilarious how many people thought they should congratulate me for the White Sox 1st half of the season as if I had one morsel of a crumb to do with it, but whatever. The White Sox are here to stay and it feels fucking fantastic to finally say, "I told ya so". 

We had Dallas Braden on the show to talk about what it feels like to be in a perfect game; shit that goes down in the dugout, what teammates do to keep your focus, how badly you don't wanna blow it, etc. Fun interview that perfectly complements what Gio did two nights ago.

Loaded show - baseball, baseball and more baseball. I had a TON of fun recording this one personally. Hit it!