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We Gotta Believe Even When The Newspapers Deceive!

We almost got a classic KFC mush after rumors started swirling of Sheldon Adelson and Silver Lake Partners joining the Harris/Blitzer group to buy the Mets. Thank GOD it was a false alarm and actually just the Wilpons being scumbags to push the bids higher, but it still has us on edge about what other tricks these rats might have up their sleeves.

Don't get us wrong, we love a good mystery bidder, but not if they're gonna unseat king Cohen. We're here for the drama, but not at the cost of losing the chosen one. 

Not only that, but we're fighting a battle on two fronts! The sale of the team off the field and deGrom’s barking back on it. If ever there was a sign that baseball is upon us, it's the Mets instantly descending into chaos. We got thicc boi Pete getting flack from the internet, Kelenic looking like a generational talent, Robbie Cano returning from a 'RonaCation and a Cold War brewing with Red Sox Nation. But despite all the trials and tribulations, we gotta believe!