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Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba

"Chaps, you silly bitcc, what the fuck is that title? Did you have a stroke?"

Calm, baby girls. That is the name of the song from Lion King. No, not the Elton John smash hit "Circle of Life." It is the song that plays when Simba gets held over the Pridelands by that crazy baboon and longtime Stoolie Rafiki. Most recently, the US Navy band sang this song to a packed house* July 4th celebration and the internet has been very mean about it despite them absolutely crushing it. We came out in defense of these patriotic performers in the latest episode.

Round 1: Big time bash happened this weekend at the White House. The US Navy band put on a show that rivaled some of the topics that we had on Friday’s show. We’ll dig deep into the Lion’s Den for this one. 

Round 2: Life at the Coast Guard Academy is finally getting a little easier thanks to coronavirus and some relaxed regulations for the new Swabs, who should actually be called codfish. Say you’re a codfish, Hook! 

Round 3: One Army Specialist was just awarded the Silver Star for a big time “I Wish A Mother Fucker Would” Moment. Talkin about beatin a terrorist to death with your fists 

Round 4: Independence Day is over but knowledge is forever. I’ll test Kate and Cons again. 

Round 5: More Details are coming out in what happened to Vanessa Guillen. It’s truly a horrific story that people should hear the details about. We’ll do our part in this round.

*It wasn't a packed house.