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The New York Mets Officially Have Bidders For The Team After Another Bobby BoniLOL Day Goes Into The Books

You've seen the memes, read the tweets, and heard all the jokes by now. But we are officially #done caring about Bobby Bonilla Day. In fact, we have learned to appreciate the Finesse God for banking a milly for what must be the most incredible annual 4th of July party on the planet as all of Darren Rovell's children continue to tweet about the holiday he created years ago.

KFC and I break down each of the known New York Mets bidders and what they could bring to the table. The Reuben Bros ($20B) are the only players on the board that could outbid Cohen, but it’s more of a business investment than for the love of the game so Stevie won't go lightly. We envision a not too distant future where Mets fans are the bell of the ball and Prince Charming Cohen saves the day, giving us a true storybook ending. 

The Mets roster is almost complete with the Melk Man and Mad Dog “Crazy Eyes” Hughes being added to the squad but we can think of one more addition that would really put the team over the top, the savior, Tim Tebow. Tim wouldn't actually play BUT he could step in during a plague and turn this team back into the Miracle Mets. Mets fans have become professional shit talkers to survive, give us a solid product on the field and we gotta believe that we’ll take the MLB by storm!