Iran Wants To Arrest Trump and Russia Is Issuing Bounties

Can you imagine Interpol showing up to the White House to arrest President Trump because Iran said so? He'd just be sitting in the Oval Office playing some Warzone with the gamertag "MAGA42069b00bz" when some folks knock on his door. What do you think he'd say? I know what I'd say. "Interpol? How about you get Outerpol? (Fucking roasted em)." Iran stinks.

You know who else stinks? Russia. Seems to be a lot of evidence that they're paying Taliban to kill coalition troops. Bounties being put on troops is nothing new but seriously Russia, fuck off with this shit.

-Round 1: Iran has issued an arrest warrant for President Trump for the murder of Qassem Soleimani. Lol. 
-Round 2: On a lighter note, the US Army’s veterinarian program continues to be one of the best in the world. They saved a working dog’s life this week and we’ll tell ya how. 
-Round 3: The New York Times reported that Russians put bounties on US service member’s heads earlier this year. 
-Round 4: With the curve flattening ending up looking like a hanging slider, we brought in Retired General Malcolm Frost to teach us how to be motivated again in the face of an eternal pandemic. 
-Round 5: More interview goofin with CWO4 Keith Fricke to bring Pride Month to a close. 
-Round 6: Another good ole fashioned Chaps surprise!