Hookers and Sailors and Pimps Oh My!

The highlight of this episode was the interview with Cpl Shawn Carter. He was one of my Marines back in 2009 when he was kicked out under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Hard to believe the military was kicking people out in 2009, two thousand and fucking nine, for being gay. We talk about what that was like for him and I reflect on what I view as my biggest failure as a leader. 

We also talked about an absolute batshit crazy story coming out of Bahrain that involves sailors trafficking women and pimping them out. 

ROUND 1: Cher once strutted her stuff in front of the troops singing “If I could turn back time”. Well this week we asked, what would you do differently in the military if you could turn back tiiiiime - fiiiiind a way - I’d take back those words that hurt you and saaaay… 

ROUND 2: Hookers and Sailors and Pimps, oh my! We’re not in Kansas anymore folks - we’re in Bahrain with a salacious story about a Navy port out of control. 

ROUND 3: Get in bitches, we’re going shopping. For what? Recruits! The Army is on a recruiting spree & they’re trying to toss 10,000 new recruits in their cart over the period of just 3 days. 

ROUND 4: Chaps interviews one of his Marines, Cpl Shawn Carter, who was discharged from the Marine Corps in 2009 under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." 

ROUND 5: It took six German cops to arrest an intoxicated cowboy boot-wearing US soldier in Nuremberg this past week, and the soldier was so out of control he bit one of the cops on the leg. Is this King of the Boots??