Marine Recruits Are Being Used As Covid Test Subjects

Nice little Tuesday episode for all you beautiful listeners. We played some ZBT Jeopardy at the end where we learned that Cons doesn't know anything about the D-Day landings at Normandy and Kate is an integrity violator. I'm not proud of these facts, but as the only one with integrity on the pod I feel it is my duty to state them.

Round 1: 1000 Marine Recruits at Parris Island, notably not San Diego, volunteered for coronavirus testing. The military gave it an acronym, shockingly enough. The name? CHARM. You gotta be butt fucking kidding me. 

Round 2: Marine veteran Paul Whelan was convicted in Russia of spying. He got 16 years of hard labor… in Russia. Yikes. 

Round 3: Kate interviews a Marine Sergeant about his experience in the Marine Corps with coming out and being openly gay. 

Round 4: We are gonna take a little trip across the pond to talk a little Battle of France. Why? There’s a LCpl there with the greatest name in the history of names. No offense to John the Baptist.