NASCAR Beats the US Army

ROUND 1: Ope! Heads up! A Hypersonic Mach-5 Missile Accidentally Fell Off An Air Force B-52 over California this week. I’m sure whatever it hit will totally buff out. 

ROUND 2: If you ain’t first, you’re last - and even NASCAR has now pulled ahead of the Army in the race to get rid of all things confederate. Who’s slowing the Army car down? 

ROUND 3: Cons sat down with a decorated Vietnam veteran who you’ve probably seen before but didn’t even know it. Colonel Sink, I mean, Capt (R) Dale Dye tells us how he parlayed a 20 year Marine career into 3 decades in Hollywood 

ROUND 4: The highest of highs, the lowest of lows - No I’m not talking about ‘Ol Katie Mood Swings on a Period Tuesday - I’m talking about Kathy Sullivan - the first woman to walk in Space who also just reached the lowest point in the sea. 

ROUND 5: Wayne Carmaiden, the soldier who fixed the National Guard phalanx at the DC protests, joins us to talk about that moment and what the protests were like.